Date your Mate

Live performances are easy to find in Nashville
Live performances are easy to find in Nashville


Do you remember when date night was a big deal? You’d take a shower, get dressed up, maybe put on a little make-up or clean out the car? It was fun, wasn’t it?

For some married couples, dating didn’t stop after the “I do’s” were said. Date night is still a big deal.

I talked to some Green Hills couples to see what some of their favorite date locations are.

One of Chelsea and Jeff Brinkley’s favorite date spots is Arrington Vineyards. Chelsea said for them it’s a great place to go that’s not too far away, but out of the city and out in nature where they can relax and have some great conversation time.

“There’s unbelievably gorgeous views paired with delicious wine,” Chelsea said. “We love to bring our own snacks, blankets, and make a whole evening of it.”

Chelsea even keeps a list of date night ideas so they can find something fun to do on the spur of the moment! That’s impressive!

For Josh and Katie Bronleewe, date night often means staying close to home.

“Fifty-First Kitchen and Bar is in our neighborhood of The Nations,” Josh said. “It’s in a beautifully renovated 100-year-old house that has been updated and looks really cool.”

He and Katie like that much of the food is organic and locally grown and produced.

“It has really great, flavorful food,” he said. “It’s absolutely one of our favorites.”

Phil and Laura Kuo are in the stage of life when date night gets really hard to do! As parents of young children, their lives and schedules are often not their own.

“Phil and I are so bad at this!” Laura said. “We haven’t really made it a priority until about a year ago when we decided that we needed to shoot for one date a month at the least. Even this does not always happen.”

When they do go out, it’s usually for a dinner date.

“Phil likes to read restaurant reviews and find something new and interesting,” she said.   “Our favorite new one is Chauhan (Indian cuisine). An old favorite is Blue Moon Waterfront Grille (restaurant located on a boat in a marina). Since I am the type that is unable to hold meaningful conversation unless I am free from distraction, eating out or taking a walk or something where we are able to talk are the best types of activities.  Occasionally we talk about exercising together since we both need it, but that is a hard thing to do with the kids around. It hasn’t happened yet; maybe we can work that in in the upcoming year.”

My husband, Sam House, and I have been married 35 years, and, no, that doesn’t mean we just sit at home and watch TV. We still come up with some pretty good date nights.

We love going to any kind of live performance. Concerts at the Schermerhorn, musicals at TPAC, writers nights at the Bluebird, Shakespeare in the Park, local high school plays, a Predators game, or Blair School recitals all offer some great ways to see real live people doing some amazing art. In Nashville, we are so fortunate that any night of the week, there is some kind of live event going on.

Laura, let me encourage you. You’re going to find as your kids get older, date night gets easier. And, when you are empty nesters, like we are, it’s even easier!

So to all you couples reading this, remember you need to date your mate! Don’t take each other for granted. Remember to find ways to do something interesting. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just intentional.

Written by Polly House

Polly House is a Jesus-loving, beach-craving wife, mom, granny and friend. She is a freelance writer who also works at Green Hills Church. Polly loves to cook, read, travel, scuba dive and think about interesting stuff.