We are Launching Two Services!

Dear Green Hills,

On Sunday I shared with you our need to add a second service to be able to better serve our city. Over the past month we have seen unprecedented numbers of people choose to begin worshipping with us at Green Hills Church. I believe that God is at work in our city, drawing people to himself and I want us to join him by taking a step of faith. That step will be adding a service on September 18th. The new service times will be at 9 and 11 am. The reason we are doing this is because Jesus came with a mission to seek and save the lost. Since we are his followers we must join him in seeking people far from God and offering them the gospel.

In our current one service format we can only accommodate about 140 people comfortably in our worship space due to limitations in chairs and  parking spaces. This past Sunday we had 160 people in our worship service and a total attendance of 210 people at church. It is really exciting to see that kind of growth in our church but we are pleading desperately that God would bring more people to himself through our ministry of gospel preaching and authentic community. I hear stories on a weekly basis of people coming to faith in Christ and having their life changed because someone invited them to Green Hills. This year we have had people from over 24 countries worship with us on Sunday mornings. We have seen marriages saved and broken lives restored. All this is because we have a healthy, passionate local church that believes that the gospel can transform people forever.

So here is what I am asking you to do this fall. I am asking you to earnestly pray that God will pour out his Holy Spirit out upon our church. That we would see hundreds of people come to know Jesus through the people of Green Hills Church. I believe that God wants to do a great work through our church, but it will not come from our creativity or talent. God’s work will be accomplished through his power and compassion for sinners.

I am also asking you to go on a mission trip with me this fall. Choose to intentionally invest your time with people far from God and who need a community of believers who will love them. We don’t usually do big pushes to have you invite your friends to church but the best way you can partner with us  is by inviting as many people as you possibly can to church with you on September 18th.

I am so excited for what God is doing at Green Hills Church. I am glad you are a part of this journey with me.

Christ is all,
Pastor Mike

Written by Justin Dunton