Why Life Groups?

If you’re coming to Green Hills Church on Sunday mornings and you find yourself asking “what’s next” or “where should I be headed,” you’re asking the right question. We want to see you take one step further through the door and experience the fullness of community that God designed you to be a part.

You see, at Green Hills Church we fully embrace the truth that we were created to journey through this life with others by our side. Not just in a row on Sunday mornings, but in a circle of tighter knit Gospel-centered friendships. The kinds of friendships that challenge you, speak truth into your life, and encourage to keep going. If you want to take that next step deeper into community, we have a Life group with your name on it.

The mission of Life Groups at GHC is to foster discipleship through Gospel-centered community.

Life groups are small groups of people who meet together weekly in homes to eat, pray, study God’s word, and share life’s victories and struggles with one another. The mission of Life groups at GHC is to foster Gospel-centered community through deep, long term relationships. It is the heartbeat of how we disciple and help you mature into the person that God can use for His glory.

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Life Groups FAQ

11709911_10207170828408082_4006955372674581076_oHow do I get in a Life group?

Check out our group directory and join a group here and we will contact you with more information on getting plugged into the group that best fits you! The most natural times to join groups are at the beginning of each of our quarters in mid-September, the first of January, and mid-April.

How do I find the right Life group for me?

We want everyone to love the group that they’re in. When you attend a Life group you have three weeks to try it out. If you believe the group is not a good fit within the first three weeks, email us at [email protected], and we will help you try out another group that might fit you better. At the end of each quarter you have the option to continue with the same group for the following quarter or try a brand new group with the same three week trial period. The goal is to not “group hop,” but to find a group that you truly love and commit to it.

What does a Life group meeting look like?

A typical Life group has between 6-12 people and meets weekly in someone’s home or a comfortable space like a coffee shop. A group meeting will last about an hour and a half. Each meeting begins with food and a time to casually talk with others, then from there the group will study and discuss the scriptures and pray together.

What kind of commitment does being in a Life group require?

After the 3-week trial period, we ask group members to commit to their group for the duration of the quarter and to make group night a priority in their life. We ultimately want group members to be committed regularly to a group for an extended period of time so the friendships within the group can grow deeper. With deeper friendship comes more challenge and accountability in our spiritual growth. When group members commit to a group, we ask that they embrace and abide by our group commitment that can be found here.

What does the Life group schedule look like throughout the year?

Our Life groups operate on a quarterly basis. There is a break (about two weeks) between each quarter. Each summer we take the quarter off as it is a natural time of being in and out of time frequently. Some groups meet informally during the summer quarter, and it is up to each group to decide what kind of break they want to take.

GHC Life group calendar
September 15 – December 8
January 5 – March 23
April 13- June 29

What about children?

At GHC we love and value our children. We want you to get the most out of each group meeting, and so in some groups childcare is provided to give parents uninterrupted time to spend with their group. Each group is different, so please ask if your group provides childcare or not.