What is Partnership at Green Hills?

Partnership is a vital part of a church. It is choosing to be on mission with God’s people in a specific body of believers. You do this by covenanting with the partners and leadership of Green Hills to accomplish the mission of calling people back to God and discipling them into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Why should I become a partner of Green Hills?

There are many reasons to become a partner of a church, but below are a few.

  1. Being a partner of a church creates a deeper level of commitment to the mission of that church.
    When you commit to walk with a church you take a big step forward in seeing the church’s mission as part of your own life mission. You begin to see a church not as “they” or “the church” but rather as “we,” “us” and “me.”  As a partner you begin to care for Jesus’ bride like He does, and you become invested in seeing it succeed.
  2. Being a partner of a church creates a deeper level of personal stability. 
    It is easy to feel disconnected at a church. Being a partner of a church is a conscious decision that draws you into deeper community at a church. In a culture filled with non-committal relationships, committing to a church makes you feel grounded in a community. It stabilizes your personal relationships for both yourself and your family.
  3. Green Hills needs you to be a partner. 
    God created the church to be a place that you get to exercise your talents and gifts for His glory. God has a huge mission of reconciling the world to Himself and He has chosen to invite us to join Him in it. But for your local church to accomplish this mission, it needs you and your talents, time and treasure to thrive.

When you become a partner at Green Hills Church, you make several commitments to the other partners at the church, and the church leadership makes commitments to you. You can learn about these commitments and more in our Partnership Pamphlet & Covenant.