At Green Hills we think a church reaches its potential when people are able to fully use their gifts to advance the gospel. We believe God has created the church not be a collection of consumers, but a vibrant community of people on mission. The great thing about being a part of church is you get to get in the game and play. If you want to help us reach Nashville, please check out the following options to serve:

Small Group Team

Help us develop our Bible studies for Life groups and get people plugged into groups. You will be a catalyst for helping people get into deeper relationships within our GHC community.

GHC Kids

Help disciple the next generation at GHC Kids. You get to teach kids to know Jesus and trust Him. What is better than that? You will often get paid with big hugs and sticky kisses.

Parking Team

People have to park, right? Work with the parking people to make sure everyone is able to have a spot. New people really appreciate this. Parents with little kids really appreciate you when it’s raining and you can help them by meeting them with a big umbrella.


If you can smile and say hello, you can set the stage for what God is going to do in the service. You will be the first point of connection for Green Hills Church! You will meet guests, make coffee, take up the offering, and do other hospitable things.

Production Team

We need people who are willing to make everything else work. From making the band sound good to putting the words on the walls, this team makes worship flow seamlessly. You need to have at least some experience in the audio/visual world.

Worship Team

Do you love leading people to the throne room of God? Pointing people to Jesus is a glorious way to serve. We need people who play instruments, sing and love to worship Jesus. Obviously, you’ll need to demonstrate your musical skill before serving on this team.

Interested in serving on or learning more about a team? Fill out the form below to get started.